RC Concrete

Gig Harbor Decorative Concrete Contractor

Decorative-Concrete-Contractor-Gig-Harbor-WARC Concrete is an owner-operated company offering the very best of decorative concrete contractor services to our customers in Gig Harbor.

We wish to help you make the right impression on the visitors to your property through our creative, award-winning designs.

We bring to our customers in Gig Harbor the very best award-winning stamped concrete services, at prices that we’re sure will suit most anyone's budget.


Gig Harbor Stained Concrete

Stained-Concrete-Gig-Harbor-WARC Concrete is a licensed and bonded contractor, experienced in providing many services for residential as well as small commercial projects including:

  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Swimming Pool Decks
  • Retaining Wall
  • Driveways
  • Stairs


We believe that our clients in Gig Harbor should be able to achieve their design requirements affordably.

We can guarantee that after seeing our expertise in our flat work with broom finishes, machine finishes, stamped concrete, hard trowel, sand finishes, and exposed aggregate, you’ll be more than convinced that when it comes to concrete based designs, there’s no one better than RC Concrete.


Gig Harbor Stamped Concrete

Stamped-Concrete-Gig-Harbor-WAWe know that the homeowners in Gig Harbor recognize the importance of using concrete in their residential designs.

Our stamped and decorative concrete services will completely change that dull, grey concrete look into expensive looking flooring, patios, stairways and much more.

Our decorative concrete lets you decide the look of each aspect of your concrete-related work at less than half the cost.

By using the latest tools and methods, we make sure that your house bears your own personal trademark styling that is set in stone.

By implementing the latest concrete tools, concrete dyes, textures, and patterns, we have turned concrete from the old, drab looking concrete into an extremely stylish, versatile, long lasting and affordable design material available.


Why should you choose us as your decorative concrete contractor?

For the homeowners in Gig Harbor looking for a unique design opportunity that is affordable, customizable, and long lasting, look no further than the experts waiting to serve you at RC Concrete.

Give us a call and grant our expert professionals the opportunity to surprise you with the best concrete designs available!